All You Need To Do To Prevent A Facebook Account Hack

The rate at which Facebook accounts are being hacked nowadays is highly alarming. Within a few minutes, you stand the chance of losing your Facebook account of many years to a hacker.

Most times, it’s not just about losing the account but the loss of data and the embarrassments that follow. Believe me, Facebook Account Hack can be disastrous.

From experience, most hackers can gain access to your account when you carelessly disclose your login details. It could be giving them access to your account e-mail or phone number.

Once any of this information, they can try gaining access to your account through a password reset or other illegal methods.

But before we go further, I would want to explain some of the ways collect or steal account information of Facebook users.


Phishing is the most common way a hacker can use to steal your information. The hacker creates a lookalike or a prototype of the Facebook login page.

The hacker now sends you an email requesting you to log-in may be to solve a problem with your account or to gain a reward.

Without suspecting, you immediately become a victim by entering your details on the provided page.


The key logging is an advanced technology used by hackers to steal login information of unsuspecting victims.

They achieve this by deceiving you into installing a virus on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone in the guise of a useful application.

When installed, the virus now steals your Facebook details, Mobile banking login, and other vital information without your knowledge.

Stored Password

Your browsers and devices sometimes request permission to store the password of social media accounts. While this might be convenient for future logins, it can be detrimental in the long run.

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For security reasons, it is not recommended to store passwords especially when you are using someone else’s device or computer to log-in to your Facebook.

Side Jacking

Side jacking is another common way hackers steal your credentials. The hacker, in this case, can gain access to your detail when you leave your phone unattended.

Side jacking is also possible when the hackers watches you enter your login details and takes note of the information.

Facebook Account Hack – How to Prevent an Account Hack

Generally, the following are the measures you can follow to prevent a Facebook account hack. They are;

  • Avoid clicking on untrusted links especially from unsolicited emails.
  • Avoid downloading untrusted applications especially when are not sure of their uses.
  • As much as possible, avoid saving your password to internet browsers or apps.
  • Never leave your phone unattended. In addition, you should consider enabling a password or security on your device.

The security measures mentioned above are primary actions you can take to safeguard your Facebook account. In addition, I strongly recommend that you further implement the additional security measure to be totally safe from hackers.

Additional Security Measures to Prevent You a Facebook Account Hack

The following are additional security measures for preventing a Facebook account hack.

  • Implementing Two-Factor Authentication security. This feature can allow you to prevent unauthorized password reset, log-in. If any of these actions are initiated, Facebook will send you a code to authorize the actions.
  • Using the Trusted Contact feature. This is like a last resort, Facebook uses your selected contacts to send you a code to log-in to your account in the event you are unable to access your account.

It is a fact that while some people use their phones, iPads and other smaller devices to access Facebook, other users make use of computers and their likes.

In light of the above, I have segmented this tutorial into two sections. One section for mobile phone users and the other for computer users.

How to Setup Additional Security Measures Using Your Mobile Phone

#1. Open the Facebook mobile app on your mobile phone.

#2. Click the Menu button.

A Facebook Account Hack

#3. Scroll down and click Settings & Privacy.

A Facebook Account Hack

#4. Select Settings.

A Facebook Account Hack

#5. At the stage, select Security and Login.

A Facebook Account Hack

#6. Kindly select Use-Two-Factor Authentication.


#7. Please select Text Message (SMS).

A Facebook Account Hack

#8. At this stage, select the phone number linked to your account or add another phone number. Follow the subsequent steps to complete the process.

Now, to enable the Trusted Contact feature, please follow Step 1 to Step 5 above.

#9. Under Setting Up extra security, select Choose 3 to 5 Friends to Contact if you are locked out.

Account security

#10. Choose and select between 3 to 5 trusted friends on your Facebook friends list. Please choose reliable and trusted friends. After that is done, click Done to complete the process.

trusted friends

How to Setup Additional Security Measures Using A Computer

TO use a computer, please follow the instructions and procedure in the video below to implement the additional security measures on your Facebook account.

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