Although WhatsApp is a social media messenger for everyone, your privacy isn’t and shouldn’t be for everyone. You can decide to either hide your WhatsApp status from a group of persons or a specific individual on your contact list.

By default, WhatsApp displays your status to everyone on your contact list but this can be changed to only show your status to a selected few.

In this article, I am going to teach and guide you on how to hide your WhatsApp status from anyone or even everyone on your contact list.

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In addition, and as a bonus, I will also teach you some other privacy settings on WhatsApp messenger such as;

  1. How to hide your online status. Doing this will prevent people from knowing when you were last seen on WhatsApp.
  2. How to prevent people from knowing that you have read their messages and viewed their status.  As an active WhatsApp user, there will come a time when you don’t want someone to know that you have read his or her messages. This setting prevents them from seeing the two-blue ticks when a message is delivered and read by the recipient.

How to Hide Your WhatsApp Status from Someone

#1. Open your WhatsApp messenger on your phone or device.

#2. Go to SETTINGS tapping on the 3-Dots on the top right corner of your screen.

WhatsApp Status

#3. Click on SETTINGS to proceed to the next stage.

WhatsApp Status

#.4 Click on ACCOUNT.

Whatsapp status

#5. At the stage, select PRIVACY to continue.

status privacy

#6. Now select STATUS.

status privacy

#7.  Please select the MY CONTACTS EXCEPT option.

my contacts

#8. Search and select the contact or contacts that you want to hide your WhatsApp status from and click the TICK sign at the bottom right of your screen to proceed.

select contacts

To show or unhide your status from these selected contacts, you can follow the same process, deselect the contacts and then effect the changes by clicking the TICK sign.


How to Hide Your Online Status

To achieve this, follow STEP 1 to STEP 5 as shown above then do the following;

  • Click the LAST SEEN option.
last seen
  • Select the option labelled NOBODY and the pop-up will exit automatically.
status seen

How to Prevent People From Knowing That You Have Read Their Messages and Viewed Their Status

Again follow STEP 1 to STEP 5 as described above then do the following;

  • Toggle the READ RECEIPTS button to the as shown in the picture below by just tapping it.
read receipts

To conclude, I must let you know that preventing others from knowing that you have read their chats or seen their status will also apply to you as you will not be able to know when they read you chats or view your status.

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